Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The winter of 2013/2014 reinforced that the Propane industry needs more storage.  As a result of limited storage infrastructure in the Northeast, many marketers were forced to travel long distances south and west to Ohio to obtain supply.  This in turn strained supply in Ohio, creating a domino effect of tight supply, higher prices, and worried customers. 

The point here, of course, is that more storage capacity, such as the “shovel ready” Finger Lakes LPG storage facility in Reading, New York, can help us avoid another winter like the one that just ended.  We need your help NOW to tell New York Governor Cuomo that it is time to approve Finger Lakes.   If the Finger Lakes facility had been in operation this winter, an additional 88.2 million gallons of propane would have been available to meet consumer need.

The Finger Lakes facility has been awaiting Governor Cuomo’s approval for more than 4 years, even though the state’s geologist has already approved the project’s integrity attributes.  While you and your customers may not be constituents of Gov. Cuomo, his inaction has a direct impact on where your propane will come from next winter.  Finger Lakes can be underway the moment his pen authorizes the project.

We need you to help spread the word, that more safe storage like the Finger Lakes facility is critical.  Here’s how you can help:

.      Visit and sign a petition created by the New York Propane Gas Association to pressure Gov. Cuomo to take action.  Share this link with your employees, upload it to your company’s website, and even include it in your email signature block.

.      Contact your Members of Congress!  Increased storage capability is a goal virtually all Members are looking for as a result of this winter.  Have you AND your customers bring to the attention of your senators and congressman that the Finger Lakes project is a regional storage solution.  Tell your representative and senators to send a “Dear Colleague” letter to their New York colleagues urging action on Finger Lakes.  Let them know that that action by Governor Cuomo could help us avoid another cold and challenging winter.

If we all work together we can get this job done, which will make a real difference to you in the future.

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